Wedding Philosophy

Your Wedding Photographers Should Be A Certified Professional.

Technology has come a long way in photography and allowed a lot of hobbyists to proclaim a status undeserved. May photographers today have 9-5 jobs during the week, and magically transform into professional photographers on the weekend, coincidentally when most weddings take place. A professional photographer is a photographer ALL OF THE TIME! If you have a family member, friend, co-worker or if your parents have a friend or co-worker who does anything else than photography to make a living, let them photograph the rehearsal dinner, bridal shower or impromptu family reunion the day after the wedding. But, give them an invitation to, not a check for, the Wedding Day.

Quantity Of Pictures Doesn’t Equal Quality Of Pictures.

2,000 shots will never meet your needs better than 200 great photographs. The only reason that someone would take that many pictures at a wedding is that they don’t know how to photograph a wedding. The machine-gun approach is just as effective with guns as with a camera; shoot enough and you’ll get something. Ask a prospective photographer how many shots they take during a wedding, then take a look at how many pictures are in their sample albums. If they say they take about 1500 shots at a wedding, there should be about 500 pictures in their sample album. If there isn’t, that’s an awfully high failure rate. If they can’t answer, then they’re wasting your time and lying.

Photography Is Not Part Of A Package Deal Or Value Meal.

Dress shops are not photographers. DJ’s are not photographers. PHOTOGRAPHERS are photographers. Your wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime event; you’ll want a specialist to get you the best. Also, when considering how to save a little on your overall wedding investment (venue, flowers, tuxedos, dresses, meal, cake, music, stationary, transportation, honeymoon and photography), consider this; After you’ve left the catering hall, the flowers have wilted, the tuxes have been returned, the dresses have been stored, the meal has been digested, the music has stopped playing, the invitations and thank you cards have been tucked away, the limousines are gone, and the honeymoon is over, the only thing left is the photography. You’ll have those photographs and albums the rest of your life. Is that really where you want to cut some corners?

Your Wedding Photography Should Tell A Story.

Most photography albums today are nothing more than glamorous fashion albums. With everybody dressed to the nines, it’s easy to forget that there is a heart and soul to a wedding, not just a pretty face. By blending a perfect mix of formal portraiture and photojournalism, we tell the story of your life, your love and your family on the most important day of your life.

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